Gaios is the island’s capital and main port. It is built in an all green area, in the deep end of a bay preserving its authentic character. The two small, overgrown with vegetation islands of St. Nicholas and Virgin Mary (Panagia) in the entrance of the port offer it natural protection and create a fiord – like landscape. It hosts about 800 people, the largest market on the island, the only bank, 2 ATMs, a gas station, lots of bars, restaurants etc and most of the local authorities, a pharmacy, an updated bookstore with Greek, English and Italian books and books on Paxos history and landscape and many travel and holiday agencies. Local bus starts 100 meters off the main village square to go all around the island except on weekends. The Gaios coast presents also a beautiful walking experience of about 4 kilometers to the southern end of Paxos full of picturesque coves and quiet beaches with flashing white pebbles and green waters. Closest one is 5 min walk from Gaios main square, called Gianna. There are more beaches within 1 kilometer north of Gaios, all accessible by car. From the old port at the main Gaios square sea taxis take swimmers on a daily basis to the sandy beaches of Antipaxos.

Lakka is the second largest seaside village with a picturesque, naturally protected bay with a sandy seabed providing wonderful seawatercolors on different hours of every day. A recently opened pharmacy, travel and holiday agencies that offer currency exchange, boat and car rentals, a small but adequate market, interesting tavernas and restaurants by the sea providing a series of local dishes, sea side bars providing a romantic view of the bay full of yacht mast lights in the still dark summer nights make living in Lakka area a real pleasure.

Loggos is a tiny seaside village, 5,5 kilometers north of Gaios surrounded by olive trees. Its almost unaltered landscape, its picturesque port full of colorful boats, its crystal clear sea put Loggos on top of the tourists’ list with favorite places to be. Loggos is famous for his food and drinks quality but also for the impressive old olive oil factory dominating Loggos port and the old elementary school, which hosts wonderful classical and contemporary music and greek music festivals throughout summer season. The recently renovated customs house at the end of Loggos peer offers locals and visitors the opportunity to experience art works from Greek and foreign artists during the summer.

Magazia used to be the capital of the island, before the seaside villages became larger and more organized. In the center of mainland Paxos with many settlements hidden in the olive groves, it boasts for probably the most beautiful paths on the island. The ex elementary school has become the Historic Archive. In the ex school yard the new PAWS veterinary clinic has opened. The fire brigade is right opposite. The ex elementary school of Mastoratika village will soon host the Municipal Music School. The Bournaos traditional coffee shop is a meeting point for the island’s residents and a refuge for the locals especially in August. You can find the second island’s gas station at the entrance of the main village.

Antipaxos, a small island 3 miles south of Gaios promises many pleasant surprises to the visitor. In a tiny piece of land, not more than 5 sq. kilometers large one can find a few of the most spectacular beaches of the Ionion Sea, with white sandy beaches and crystal pool – like waters. Antipaxos is the ideal holiday location for whoever wishes to relax in peaceful surroundings. Getting to know the island’s footpaths will give you the chance to experience wonderful sea views while walking among fine vineyards and old family farms full of fruit trees. Only a few permanent residents currently remain on the island. Paxiot vineyards owners visit the island regularly to take care of their cultivations. Many local families prefer to celebrate Easter holidays there and also 1st of May. There are no shops on Antipaxos only two tavernas on Voutoumi and another two on Vrika beach, the two most famous beaches of the Paxos archipelago and probably two of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Those tavernas usually open early June and shut end of September. Express boats leave daily from Gaios main square for those beaches upon demand.