• Every Friday and Saturday open rehearsals of the local choir under the artistic direction of Bulgarian choir master, Antony Ivanov. Until end of June
  • Scuba diving excursions and private lessons
  • Fitness (yoga, pilates etc)
  • Training center
  • Tennis court within Paxos Beach hotel premises. Entrance is free
  • Football, basket and volley ball ground 1,5 kilometers north of Gaios in the village of Bogdanatika. Contact local Sports Club for access.
  • Many interesting footpaths take one to the Arch (Tripitos), the Galazio cliff, Avlaki bay, Agrilas bay with wonderful views towards the Ionian Sea, the villages of Vellianitatika, Tranakatika, Ozias, the Greek cistern.
  • Swim by the rocks just before Ozias port bay to enjoy the therapeutic results of the really cold sulfur springs coming from the sea bed at that area.
  • Take a sea taxi from the Gaios main square to arrive at one of the famous Antipaxos sandy beaches.
  • Rent a motor boat to explore the impressive coast of Paxos. No driver’s license required for a motor engine up to 35hp.


  • Footpaths to the area around Lakka municipal reservoir and the church of St John of Pialouches, the light house, Planos beach, Ypapandi church
  • Enjoy traditionally made coffee in the kafenion of Theofrastos, where the locals pass their free time.
  • Swim at Orkos cove with olive trees arriving one meter from the sea water, shading the tranquil beach.
  • Swim, take lunch, enjoy a cocktail, a sail, windsurfing, sea kayaking at Monodendri beach. Big pool available right by the sea. Sunbeds available under the olive trees. Massage also available.


  • Seaside footpath taking the visitor to all five wonderful beaches in a row from Loggos to Gaios area. Kipiadi is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island thanks to the hundreds of different shades of green surrounding the beach area giving wonderful colors to the bay. It is an ideally protected beach from strong northwest winds. Marmari is also special with different levels of plateaus shaded by olive trees. Kipos (garden) is characterized by an olive grove fenced by a dry stone wall right until the first beach pebbles. Neither of those beaches ever gets crowded.
  • Stone paved footpath starting at the outskirts of Loggos to Dendiatika village.
  • Footpath past the olive oil factory chimney to the windmill above Loggos; more paths start from there.
  • Lefcothea boat to Antipaxos beaches or on trips around Paxos coast and to the sea caves


  • Enjoy the unique experience of a swim at Erimites bay. By car up to a point and then on foot. Be prepared for a short walk to the beach and take some water with you. Otherwise there is a beautiful paved path starting opposite the Boikatika archeological site taking you to the beach.
  • Enjoy a tsipouro with a meze or sip your tentoura (liquor made of carnation leaves) under the shade of wine leaves at Bournaos coffee shop
  • Take the path of Vrisi to arrive on the west coast cliff right opposite the impressive rock of Ortholithos standing like a guard at the entrance of one of the famous blue caves.
  • Take the beautiful shaded path of Gremismeni to arrive in Loggos.
  • Take the Analipsi path to arrive in Fontana
  • Enjoy the tavernas of Fountana
  • Enjoy a drink at Erimites bar with dramatic sunset views to Erimitis cliff or a romantic dinner at the Kastanida taverna facing the sun setting in the Ionion Sea.


  • Explore the beaches and coves of the island.
  • Explore the west coast caves
  • Enjoy the island’s flora and go birdwatching
  • If you love snorkling or diving, you will find the sea world around Antipaxos very interesting (Seals, sea turtles, dolphins, many types of shells, sea urchins, sand fish with surprising transformations, rock fish with wonderful shiny colors)
  • Fish with a line off Agrapidia port or Plaka cove
  • Walk among dry stone walls to admire the vineyards while picking tasty fruit hanging from branches on your paths.