In Bogdanatika, a small village on Paxos island, one can easily reach a bunch or newly built, spacious and sunlit apartments set in a colourful garden and surrounded by silvery green olive trees.

The rooms feature fully equipped kitchenettes, furnished bedrooms with air-condition supply and TV.  Each one opens to a spacious balcony or terrace. In the same grounds and natural environment, there are also studios with air-conditioning, private bathroom, kitchen and TV.

You could have another unique and memorable experience by choosing to spend your holiday at Mrs Jenny Lychno′s house located in the main square of Gaios. The bedroom and the veranda allow superb views of the harbour and the verdurous islet of St Nicholas composing a live piece of art. 

The house features a fully equipped kitchen, two furnished bedrooms with air-conditioning, TV, bathroom and a large veranda. 

Whichever accommodation you choose, it goes without saying that you will have a peaceful and comfortable holiday, enjoying the natural beauty of the island and taking advantage of daily care in the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Mrs Jenny Lychnos has been creating for her guests many years now.



Bogbanatika, Paxos


39.1979532788, 20.1703191989



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