The “Grape house” is situated in a picturesque island called Antipaxos.

On the subject of stone- built cottages, which sleeps 2-6, is available for rent all the year round.

It is a perfect place for a family or friends or even couples who want to get a taste of the “real” Paxos and enjoy exploring.

It provides the comfort and the privacy of a house and it has three bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, a large garden. and divined sea view.

There are two beaches close to Grape House.The first beach “Vrika” is about 20 minutes of walk and it has two tavernas,”Vrika Taverna” and “Spiros Taverna” (2662 0 31171).The second beach is about 15 minutes of walk with also 2 tavernas, “Taverna Voutoumi” and “Taverna Bella Vista”.


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